2015 INBF Hercules

Team SUF group photo at the 2015 INBF Hercules Natural Bodybuilding

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They say that the INBF Hercules is where the magic happens. Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Coaching has had a great run at the INBF Hercules since 2012 when Tyrone Robinson captured the team’s first WNBF pro card. In 2015 we went in with the largest team to date, both in terms of competitors and support staff. It was great to also have people like Cody, Brandon, and Josh come all the way up from VA and NC to support and represent the team.

Across the board Team SUF had another great and memorable performance at the show. We were able to win two more pro cards, the overall in mens bodybuilding (3rd year in a row), have three 2nd place finishes, a 3rd place, and some other solid top 5s. I am grateful to have had such a great group of people together on such a historic day for Team SUF.

Andrew Usoro – 1st place Open Heavyweight Bodybuilding – Pro Card Winner + Overall Winner / We knew going into the show that Andrew was going to make a strong run for the overall win. This was his very first show, but we knew he had what it took to be a champion. By winning the overall he became the 3rd Team SUF athlete in a row to win the overall at the WNBF Hercules. It was amazing over the years to see the torch passed from Cody to Brandon and now to Andrew. This is a feat that I do not see being accomplished again anytime soon, or maybe ever again.

Shauna Koehler – 2nd place Open Bikini Short / Shauna was coming off a solid class win at the Fulton show on the 13th. We felt very confident in the total package she was bringing into the Herc. In the end she placed 2nd in her class and narrowly missed the pro card. While I respect the judging panels decision I do not agree with the placing. Looking at stage shots from the show it is confusing to many as to what the judging panel is looking for. Between the posing and the physiques on the stage, I genuinely feel that she deserved the win. This all boils back down to the debate on determining what the blueprint for WNBF bikini is. Regardless, this will not stop her on her quest to improve and capture a WNBF Bikini Pro card. Our game plan will remain the same…Feminine yet Fierce on stage

Vanessa Campos– 2nd place Open Figure Tall /  This was Vanessa’s first show and boy did she work hard for this one. The open figure tall class was stacked with talent, and the Figure overall winner came from this class. I truly feel that this was a very close call. In certain poses Vanessa dominated the winner, but then in others she came up just shy. Regardless of placing though, this entire team sees the potential in Vanessa and knows that the 1st place spot will be hers real soon. She is very determined to make some improvements in order to bring a better package into her next show. We will also be implementing some changes to the beauty portion of her presentation in order to 100% truly capture her awesome beauty on stage. Keep your eyes on this one, she is a very fast learner and has the potential and drive to become something great in this sport.

Correy Jones– 2nd place Open Lightweight Bodybuilding / This too was Correy’s first bodybuilding show and he managed to take home a solid 2nd place. From a pure physique standpoint I feel he was the best in the class, but we ran into presentation problems. There were first time mistakes and nerves that we have all made and experienced. The first place competitor in the class had a very solid physique, was coached well, and presented himself with poise so he deserved the win and the pro card victory.  This was a major learning experience for Correy and it also helped to alleviate alot of the nerves associated with being a first timer. We will continue to make improvements to his physique as well as his presentation. He will be stepping back on stage in the near future to display a new and improved edition of himself.

Liz Myers – 3rd Place Open Figure Short / Liz competed earlier in the month at the WNBF Northeast classic. That was her first show ever and he took home 4th place. Going into the Herc we pushed her a little more in order to come in a pinch leaner. We also made slight changes to some of her posing. As a result she was able to move up a spot and break into the top 3. This is a major accomplishment for a 1st time competitor in such stacked figure classes. Her plans are to continue to make improvements and compete again in the fall. By that time we will be able to iron out any remaining posing issues and make a solid run for 1st place.

Vinny Cofield – 1st place Masters 50 – Pro Card Winner  / Wheres Vinny ?!? In the pro ranks. Vinny’s hard work fully paid off at the 2015 Herc as he became Team SUF’s first WNBF Pro Masters bodybuilder. He has been on the team for a few years now and has always said that was his goal. The entire team is very happy that his dream became a reality. He is a great teammate and always makes show day fun and interesting. Moving forward we will be looking to come in even leaner and harder in order to ensure that Vinny can be competitive in the Pro Masters classes, as well as the open middle weight classes.

Malcolm Jackson – 5th place Men’s Physique Short / This was Malcolm’s second show this month. He too competed at the WNBF North East Classic and took 4th place. At the Herc his class was very competitive and he actually got bumped down a spot. But this may be a blessing in disguise. He is a lifetime natural athlete who used to compete in untested shows. Being up against those who had an unfair advantage left him with a warped perception of his potential in Natural Bodybuilding. By comparing himself to untested bodybuilders, he felt that he wasn’t big enough to compete in bodybuilding and needed to do physique. However, coming over to the WNBF the truth is that he is TOO big for physique and great for bodybuilding. Myself, as well as others on the team knew this going in, but Malcolm wanted to give it a shot. In the end, he was able to grab two top 5 placings, but came to the realization that he is meant to be a Natural Bodybuilder. He will be taking some time off in order to bring up the legs so that he can do so damage in the bodybuilding ranks next season.

Samantha Murtagh – TBA Open Bikini Short / Sam along with Shauna are the only two SUF athletes to ever compete in 3 shows in the same month. The North East Classic, Fulton, and the Herc. This amazing determination helped to keep the team afloat while we were off to a slow start. After placing top 5 at the Fulton show, it was hard to swallow her falling out of the top 5 at the Hercules. However, I am very proud of the progress she has made since last year. She is an entirely different athlete and the progress was exciting to watch. She also is a genuine team player who helps to create a supportive and encouraging environment at the shows. We will continue to make progress and try to full understand what the judges want out of the bikini classes. In the offseason we will be working hard to bring her posing up a notch so look for her to up that Sass level !

Wilson Barber – TBA Men’s Physique Short / Another first time competitor here. Wilson has a great future in the physique ranks. He poses well and has a smile that goes with the class very well. Where he needs to improve is overall size and he is committed to doing so. He is new to the sport but has already begun to love it. The plan is to take a long off season to make the gains he needs in order to become highly competitive. Now that the first time jitters are gone, its time to master the craft. He has a bright future with this team and in WNBF physique.

Michael Francis – 3rd place Masters Men’s Physique / No one exhibits hard work like this man. He embarked on a fitness journey and lost over 100 pounds. I am truly grateful to of been a part of that journey. While he didn’t place as high as he wanted to he realizes that this is a long journey and his is just starting. The idea that a few years ago he was over 300 pounds and was able to step on stage sporting a set of abs at the Herc is an amazing thing. The next steps are continue working hard to bring the bodyfat lower at a slow and steady pace. We want to give his body ample time to make sense of the new physique and allow it to naturally begin to tighten up. And then from there he is going to be making big moves with a movie he is working on and starring in, The John Henry Movie. Big things on the horizon for Big Mike.

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Beauty Coordinator – Alicia Cusumano

Bikini Posing Instructors- Shauna Koehler and Janet Marsico

Figure Posing Instructor – Janet Marsico and Jessica Janicek

Airbrush Tan – Glimmer Custom Airbrush Spray Tan (Kristine)

Backstage Support Staff – Kevin Terrier, Brandon Barrow, Josh Walker, Fred Miller, Cody Wyer, Charlee V

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