Throwback INBF Hercules Team SUF Men’s Bodybuilding

Nancy Andrews poses with Team SUF Bodybuilding Champions at the 2015 INBF Hercules

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Team SUF Bodybuilding 3-peat at the INBF Hercules

When they don’t know you, do it once. When the doubt you, do it twice. When they say impossible, Do it 3 times !

Under the expert guidance of Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Coaching, Cody Wyer achieved a remarkable milestone at the 2013 INBF Hercules by securing Team SUF’s first Men’s Bodybuilding Overall title. This victory marked a significant achievement for both Cody and the coaching team, highlighting the effectiveness of their training methods and strategic approach to competition preparation. Cody’s success served as a testament to the dedication and hard work put in by both athlete and coach, setting the stage for further triumphs in the competitive arena.

At the 2014 INBF Hercules, Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Coaching extended its reign by clinching an additional 3 Men’s Bodybuilding pro cards. Furthermore, Brandon Barrow secured the overall title for the second consecutive year, showcasing Team SUF’s continued excellence and dominance in the sport.

At the 2015 INBF Hercules, Andrew U achieved a remarkable feat by clinching the Men’s Bodybuilding Overall title for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Coaching, marking a historic 3-peat for the team. This triumphant victory solidified Team SUF’s dominance at the Hercules, showcasing their exceptional coaching and the extraordinary talent of their athletes. As Andrew stood victorious on stage, alongside his predecessors who had also triumphed in the previous years, it was a moment of profound significance—a passing of the torch from one champion to another. This epic photo captured the essence of Team SUF’s legacy, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to excellence in natural bodybuilding.

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