2016 INBF Hercules Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding

INBF Hercules Natural Bodybuilding Team SUF 2016 group photo

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2016 INBF Hercules Natural Bodybuilding results for Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Coaching.

Going into the Hercules every year there is good amount of pressure for Team SUF. This has been a show that we have continued to put solid wins and placings on the board. There are also some historic accomplishments that Team SUF has achieved at this show. So needless to say, the team had to live up to the hype and overcome the pressure. 

When the day was over, it was another amazing  and memorable day for Team SUF at the WNBF Hercules. Once again the team was able to capture 3 pro cards and win the figure overall in the same night. For the past 3 years Team SUF has won the Bodybuilding overall (some say this still should of happened  ), but on this night the team added to the achievements by capturing our first Figure Overall title at this show. So a huge congratulations to Edna, Kenny, and Jen Smith for earning their WNBF Pro Cards. 

In addition to the pro card wins and the overall title, the team had more solid placings as well. We were highly competitive in most of our classes. In some of the others I wish we would of done better. Some of the athletes were just out matched, but thats the nature of the game. Next major stop…. NATURALMANIA

Edna Caamano – 1st place Open Figure Tall – PRO CARD ** Overall Winner **

Kenny Jefferson– 1st place Mens Bodybuilding Light Weight – PRO CARD

Jennifer Smith– 1st place Fit Body – PRO CARD /  2nd place Open Figure Short

Malcolm Jackson – 1st place Mens Bodybuilding Middle Weight

Samantha Murtagh –  3rd place Bikini Short 

Kintura Kyle – 3rd place Mens Bodybuilding Light Heavy Weight

Colleen Smith – 4th place Open Figure Short / 5th place Fit Body 

Vinny Cofield– 6th place Pro Masters Mens Bodybuilding 

Wilson Barber – 7th place Mens Physique Short 

Lindsay Lazio – 8th place Open Figure Tall

Heather Eisenberg – 9th place Bikini Tall

Head Coach – Ryan Sullivan

Figure and Bodybuilding Posing Instructor –  Ryan Sullivan SUFEPC™

Bikini Posing Instructor –  Shauna K SUFEPC™

Backstage Support Staff – Shauna K, Kevin Terrier, Sophie B, Liz M, Alicia C, Robert K., Yelena B, GRANT, EVE.

Beauty Coordinator – Alicia Cusumano, Liz Myers

Enda C from Team SUF Natural Bodybuilding Coaching wins the Figure Overall Title at the 2016 INBF Hercules Competition hosted by Nancy Andrews Presents

Kenny J from Team SUF won the Open Lightweight Men’s Bodybuilding WNBF Pro Card at the 2016 INBF Hercules Natural Bodybuilding event. 

Jenn S from Team SUF won the Women’s Fitbody WNBF Pro Card at the 2016 INBF Hercules Natural Bodybuilding event. 

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